Happy Friday everyone! Today I’d like to share a cute hiking boot option, a few outfit ideas and a little inspiration 🙂

Pictured below are the Women’s Ahnu Montara Hiking Boot from REI. Regular price: $160 (on sale for $110)

IDEO side size: Women’s 11
non-IDEO side size: Women’s 9

Pros: fits true to size, comfortable, is not a men’s shoe (yay!), stylish, light-weight, fairly wide toe box, non-bulky/boxy, breathable, waterproof, & easy to get the IDEO inside (use a shoe-horn).

Cons: REI doesn’t let you split sizes so I had to purchase the pair in both 9 and in 11 to make it work. Oh well, I think these will last a long time so I consider this a good purchase!


Here is another picture of how the Ahnu boots look on as well as a Spring dress photo in my grey NB MT1210’s.  Note: Though super cute, the black boots did not look good with the dress, so I think I will save the boots for jean outfits 🙂

Lastly, a little inspiration. Never forget that with God all things are possible. Never lose your faith or your spirit.
I hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day weekend!  #dreambig #sparklemore #shinebright

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