Compression Gear Tips & Care

If you’re like me, your sock drawer is full of compression socks and knee sleeves. ☺ #ExoSymLife

Today’s post covers a few tips on caring for your special compression gear. It’s important to keep these expensive (but exosymplyessential) socks and knee sleeves in good condition so they continue to provide the best support and value to last long-term.

TIP 1: Make sure you have enough socks / sleeves. Depending on your level of activity, it’s important to have ample socks and knee sleeves to get you through the week. You don’t want to be washing every three days! Again, like with shoes, the more pairs you have the more you can rotate and keep each one lasting longer.

TIP 2: Stay organized. I divide my sock drawer into three sections. I keep my regular socks (Feetures, Brooks, SmartWool, Balega) for my non-ExoSym leg in the first third, my Zensah knee sleeves in the middle and my compression socks (Swiftwick, ec3d, 2XU, & CEP) for my device leg on the right side. This not only makes it super easy to grab what I need in the morning, but it also helps me to see how many of each I have left so that I don’t wake up in the morning searching for socks/sleeves realizing I wore the last clean one the day before…

(because socks need love too)

(because socks need love too)

TIP 3: When it comes to washing your compression & non-cotton socks, always wash on cold, gentle cycle with your other athletic clothes. Avoid putting your compression gear in a heated dryer – this will reduce the moisture wicking fabric as well as cause shrinking of the material. Lay your socks/sleeves out to dry on a rack/hanger or tumble air dry.

Of course, these are just suggestions; always make sure to read the instructions on your compression gear for best results. ☺

Just remember, though it may take a little extra work to care for your compression gear, it’s time well spent. Keeping these items in good condition will save you money and time. happysocks = happylife

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My Favorite Compression Socks

I wanted to share some of my favorite brands of compression socks that I wear with the IDEO. I typically like to wear black (like a ninja) because it goes better with my outfits but I do have a few different pair in various colors.

All brands are in the $35-$55 per pair dollar range but well worth it since if you’re like me, you wear the IDEO all day, everyday. Plus, they last a long time as long as you don’t put them in the dryer. TIP: Wash on gentle and let air dry and they will last a really long time!