Hi everyone! I’m happy to say the rain has left Dallas and the sun has finally returned! ☺

With warm weather and sunny skies ahead, I’m excited to post a few summer outfits in hopes that I can inspire you to break out your lighter wear clothes. As you’ll see below, a maxi skirt is a great way to feel classy and dressed up while also camouflaging the IDEO. I’d recommend looking for length that covers your feet so that you can’t see your tennis shoes. (This red maxi skirt happens to be a hand-me down from my mom so it’s a little hard to add length to it at this point… but you get the idea!)

So earlier this week a friend asked me what advice I would give to other IDEO wearers who want to feel cute and fashionable in their clothes.

For me there are really three rules that I follow:

  1. No white tennis shoes
  2. No white socks
  3. No bulky shoes

If you stick to these three rules, you will be headed in the right direction ☺It’s not to say white tennis shoes or white socks are bad, but if you are trying to get dressed up, white tends to look very orthopedic and athletic. So if you are feeling in a rut, try for a darker colored shoe / sock and see if that doesn’t help you to feel more classy and sassy! Bulky shoes can make you feel clunky… so when you are looking for shoes, try to ask yourself if you feel clunky in them and if the answer is yes, put them back. I followed this rule when looking for hiking boots and even though I had to try on a lot of shoes, I was glad I didn’t settle! I think almost any outfit will look great with the IDEO but I really believe that once you find the right shoe, you will feel like a million bucks. You don’t need to go out and buy new clothes… it’s all about the shoes and socks people 🙂

Workout update: Next Sunday is the Wounded Warrior 10K race and I’m very excited! I’ve been keeping up with my training and am feeling strong. For me, it’s really important that I keep my hip flexor and glute muscles strong so that I don’t start overcompensating on one side so I’ve tried to keep this a focus of my training and it’s really helped.

As always, if you feel inclined, please send pics of your IDEOnista outfits so that we can share with others! Wishing everyone a fantastic week and remember, it’s all about feeling confident. My tips are the just icing on the awesome person you already are!#beYOU #beAMAZING #IDEOnista

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