Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I started my morning off with 29 hill sprints totaling 4.5 miles… hope your Saturday has been just as great ☺

29 hills sprints later… You can see we got a little muddy!

Last weekend, I ran in a 5K in Arizona and placed 3rd in my age group (26th overall and 11th in the women), with my fastest time since receiving my IDEO! I was so excited. Each race is a reminder of just how far I have come… truly amazing. Right before the race, a man said to me, “Do you really think you should be running?” Despite his discouraging comment, I think it helped me to run even faster because I was determined to prove him wrong. No matter what anyone says to you, believe in yourself and what you are capable of achieving.

This quote by Sandra King is a powerful reminder that I often repeat to myself. I hope you will remember it too.

“Unless someone can look into the core of your heart and see the degree of your passions or look into the depth of your soul and see the extent of your will, then they have no business telling you what you can and cannot achieve. Because while they may know the odds, they do not know you.”

While I was in Arizona, I also went on a horseback riding adventure through the desert and hiking in the Sedona mountains. Here are a few pictures from my travels!

My next purchase will be a solid pair of hiking shoes 🙂
The IDEO goes horseback riding. How fun is that?! ♥

With the warm weather in Arizona, I was able to breakout some pieces from my Spring IDEOnista wardrobe collection! Below are two business dresses that I wore during my work conference. I personally prefer dresses that hit above the knee, but truthfully you can’t really go wrong with a dress at any length.☺ The key for business is keeping your IDEO clean so that it looks shiny and making sure your shoes don’t look too athletic.

Lastly, the IDEO goes on a date. Haha just kidding… but for real my date didn’t even notice the IDEO until I said something about these being dress shoes! It just goes to show the IDEO isn’t always the first thing people see☺

My next adventure planned is a 10K so stay tuned!  And I’m having good thoughts that the weather will continue staying warm so that Spring can get here and we can talk more about Spring wear!  Hope everyone has a wonderful week and remember, you can do anything if you believe you can. #beAWESOME #beYOU


  1. Hi! The shoes I am wearing with my dress are the New Balance MT 1210 (men's). I got these from South Sound Running. This color goes well without a lot of my outfits! Check out my post called “Where to Buy Shoes” and I've listed out some other options that I have in my closet too 🙂


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