In the weeks since my last post, I have accomplished some pretty cool things in my IDEO! Namely, I completed my first 10K race in the GE Irving Marathon yesterday, which was such an amazing and fulfilling experience. My goal was to run it under 60 minutes and I finished with a time of 59.34, placing 111th out of 332 overall, 41st of 233 women and 8th out of 25 in my age group. Running is my passion and after my ankle injury I didn’t know if I’d ever have the chance to make running a part of my life again… so to be able to do what I did yesterday is just amazing. The IDEO truly gave me my life back and my spirit and I run each race like it’s a gift… because it is 🙂

My friend Jen and me at the finish of the 10K

Another “first” in the IDEO was indoor rock climbing… and I had so much fun! Sadly, I don’t have any pictures to show, but you can definitely fit the IDEO in climbing shoes. I just went up a size or two for the IDEO side (like I do in my tennis shoes) and I was able to fit it in there just fine. In fact, I think I was a better climber than some of the regular people climbing the walls 🙂

I have also been getting more into my yoga routine (#orimtryingto☺). I think it is really important to get in tune with your body because it helps be able to evaluate where you are tight and which muscles need more work / release. For me, my non-IDEO leg tends to get really tight so I focus a lot on strengthening and stretching as much as I can. Here is a picture from a Saturday morning class in the park. It’s taken me awhile to be able to trust where my IDEO leg is planted but now that I’ve had it for awhile and my core is stronger too, I don’t have to stare at my leg to know where it is. Tip: I practice yoga in my IDEO because it is painful for me to be without it, but I do know other IDEO peeps who take their IDEO off when doing yoga. You just need to decide what’s best for you / your injury.


Now that the weather is more spring like, I’m happy to report I am back on my road bike again! I took it out for a 25 mile ride last week around the lake and it felt amazing. I love riding my bike and it feels normal in the IDEO. I clip into my pedal on the non-IDEO side and use a regular pedal for my IDEO. Here is a pic before I left for the ride. (See, you can make the IDEO look cute in a bike outfit! ☺)


I went home a few weekends ago to visit my family and wanted to share with you an awesome organization called Spike’s K9 fund (t-shirt I’m sporting in this picture below). If you haven’t checked out Spike’s K9 Fund, you really should. It is an organization created by my friend and IDEO user – James – whose life was saved multiple times by military dogs and whose mission now is to support those military dogs who have returned home. By donating or purchasing a t-shirt, you can help to provide medical care for the dogs! Here is a picture of the shirt!

help support Spike’s K9 fund!

Lastly, I wanted to share two pictures from my Spring IDEOnista wardrobe! It makes me super happy to break out the pastel colors ☺☺ and below I want you to see how seamless the IDEO looks with jeans and a fun top. I know I show my jean outfits quite a bit… but I think that’s really one of the best looks with the IDEO. So embrace your pastels and get yourself a dark wash jean and dark colored tennis shoe and smile… life is good ☺ Hope everyone has a great week. #beAMAZING #IDEOnista


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  1. So one thing I’ve been hyperaware of is my shoe size difference. I usually wear a mens 7W, but the IDEO is a 10W (men’s). I’m 5’6″, so seeing your shoes (about the same size) makes me feel a LOT better. Yours look cute, so unless you’re a lot taller than me, mine are cute, too!!! Thank you!
    Also, I’m in the process of getting one for the other leg, so no more splitting sizes! VA is now contracting with CFI, so the new ones should be thinner!


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