ExoSymplyAmazing Update (Sept. 2017)

Hello, again!

As many of you know, I started my job with the Hanger Clinic last month, and what an exciting time it’s been! I also moved during Hurricane Harvey, have been training for the Race for a Soldier 1/2 marathon (less than 2 weeks away now!), and have been continuing to work on my recovery. Fair to say it’s been a little busy over here… ☺

With my new role at Hanger, I wanted to share a few thoughts with regards to ExoSymplyAmazing. The blog/Insta will continue to be something I run outside of work hours (in my own free time), as it always has been since the start. While my job at Hanger involves running their social media (@HangerNews), ExoSymplyAmazing will remain a personal blog/Insta, run by me as a patient, not as an employee and is in no way affiliated, or influenced by the Hanger Clinic, and is not something I am paid to do; simply a blog/Insta I run out of the pure love from my heart to help my fellow ExoSym buddies (and future ExoSym patients) find hope, inspiration, and motivation.

With that being said, in the last few weeks, I have been pouring myself into my new role at Hanger, and am realizing that I may have a little less free time than I have had in the past to devote to the blog. But fear not, ExoSymplyAmazing will continue on! My heart remains tied to all of you – I’m just still figuring out my life right now and how to fit everything in. ♥ #findingmybalance But, I would love to get back to writing more patient stories, so please reach out to me if that’s something you would be interested in sharing! I’ve always believed that we each have a special story to share and I would love to help you do that if that’s something you would be interested in. Also, in regards to the Instagram, I know I’ve stepped away for a bit there, but will be returning soon and am planning to try moving to a 2-3x a week schedule and see how that works – see you all there soon!

Lastly, a big hug to all my ExoSym buddies reading this – keep believing in yourself, trusting your device, and taking it day by day. In two months, I will reach my 4 year anniversary in the device, and I, without a doubt, can say this journey has been and continues to be an amazing ride. My best advice is to be thankful for where you are today (wherever you are in your Exo journey), never lose sight of how far you’ve come, but never stop pushing yourself to be better, and never stop looking up. Also, never forget that we are a team. If you need support, reach out. Be a friend to an Exobuddy – we are here for each other. To live ExoSymplyAmazing is to not be afraid to be the amazing YOU that you are, to believe in yourself, and most importantly, to never give up – life is a journey after all – don’t give up the fight. Love to you all – be strong, be courageous. #nevergiveup

PS – Yay for fall! In my opinion, the best time of the year for Exo wear. (aka leggings and lattes ☺)

Looking forward to seeing some of you soon at the Race for a Soldier!

XO – Beth

#beYOU #beAMAZING #ExoSymplyAmazing