The other day as I was blowing out a candle, I noticed that one of the wicks just wouldn’t go out – I must have blown on it three or four times and it just kept burning. I couldn’t help but think how this could apply to life or maybe it was God’s way of showing me himself.

As I thought about this, I remembered a conversation I had with my dad from a previous day and how I had I told him this year has shown me that I am not as strong as I always thought I was. I never thought I’d ever get to a place so low where I truly wanted to give up. I thought I was stronger than that – I thought my candle always burned. I’ll never forget what my dad said back, “But you haven’t given up. You’re still going. Perhaps you’re stronger than you ever knew.” And then I realized that what I was seeing as a weakness was in fact something I could look back upon as a strength – God’s strength. He kept my candle burning even when it felt like every wick I had inside had blown out.

As I reflect on how this can apply to life, I am reminded that life challenges often present us with the biggest lessons and opportunities for renewed strength and growth. When difficulties come and our wicks go out so to speak and we feel like we don’t have another flame left inside, we have to remember who made the candle, who holds the match, and who fans the flame – even when we cannot see it for ourselves.

Yesterday as I waiting for a Lyft ride, I sent my trip status to my dad so he could track me. My dad texted back, “I am with you.” Though I knew what my dad meant (he was watching it virtually), I immediately felt in my heart that God was reminding me that He was with me and always has been. This year has been a difficult one, but as they say difficult roads often take us to beautiful places and I am thankful that this year has taken me to deeper places in my faith – a level I may not have reached without the challenges. ♥

Keep the Faith. Never Give Up.


  1. I am a new follower of your posts, Beth, and don’t know your whole complex road to recovery, but from what I’ve read so far, I am heartwhelmed ( not a real word but should be!) to see that a person such as yourself can still give so much. That is a singular strength it itself. I think you have many. You are a source of inspiration to me. I am finishing my forms to apply for the exosym this weekend and sending them in with huge hope. Take care, Beth,  Jude

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      1. Beth, I’ve just returned from my first visit to Gig Harbor to meet Ryan and try out my ExoSym bilateral brace templates. Back there on january 2nd for my week of training. After not walking easily at all for 3 years, I am weak but very up for training and regaining my strength and happy mobility in a consistent and careful manner. You are no small part of inspiring my determination. You have been through so much and Ryan, (as well as myself) speaks so highly of you. Thank you so much for your generosity through this site. I hope you are healing well and back in your ExoSym, soon, if not yet.
        Take care Beth, hugs, Jude
        PS These appointments came together so quickly…two months after first reading about the ExoSym! I am so very grateful.

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      2. hi jude! that is kind. thank you so much for letting me know! makes me so happy to hear that you’re on the way to getting your exosym – ryan & team are the BEST – you are in great hands! stay strong – jan will be here before you know it! ♥️ your exosym friend always, beth


  2. Your burning candle gave me and so many others a smile, hope and peace of mind in the toughest moments after our lesions and surgeries. Your burning candle opens the light to discover the life changing Exosym to so many people. Your posts guide us on our roads of recovery and meditation.
    Right now, I suddently understand why great people are called stars… you are a star Beth, this is what you are.

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    1. Wow, thank you so much, Daniel. This means a lot to me – thank you for taking the time to share this. It makes my heart happy knowing I’ve helped in some small way. ✨🙏🏻♥️


  3. Hey Beth, my name is Ben from Germany. I fuc… up my right ankle last year during a wildwater kayak trip. Basically during that what i had as a passion. The last year was horrible but sometimes i got some good massages from people. The most importing and most inspiring thing are you. You still helping me with your power and your good ideas about ExoSym. Yes you are a really important person in my life. Today i met a guy with two broken ankles. He is struggling since more than 2 years with pain and all the other sh… Today i could give him the advice about ExoSym and your Blog…Thank you that you help me and thanks that i can help other people with your advises…please never give up.

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    1. benjamin, thanks so much for your kind message – it truly touched my heart. i am so sorry to hear about your struggles with your ankle. sending you strength and hope to keep your head up and stay strong. #nevergiveup ♥️ your friend, beth


  4. Dear Beth,
    How are you feeling these days? I pray you are healing more and more. I also would like to say thank you for all the many years of inspiration you have given to so many people.
    I also, will be getting my ExoSym device soon:) It has been an interesting Journey of many miracles and I look forward to many more miracles as they appear in life:)
    I wish you and everyone a very Blessed 2019.
    Thank you.

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    1. Hi Bekah, thank you so much for reaching out! I really appreciate the kind words and prayers. I am working through more surgeries… but am happy to hear that you are going to be getting your ExoSym soon! The best is yet to come. So excited for you! Thank you for your inspiration. & kindness. ❤ Sincerely, Beth


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