Hi guys,

Hope everyone is off to a great 2017! I know it’s been a few months since my last post, and many of you have been reaching out (which I appreciate, thank you!) but I wanted to let those of you, who are unaware, know that I was in a car accident this past December and that I will be continuing to take a break from writing on the blog.  With that being said, I don’t want ExoSymplyAmazing and all the people who benefit from it to lose inspiration & motivation, so I’d like to open up the blog to any ExoSym (IDEO) patient who is interested in contributing. I believe there is a wealth of knowledge we all have living with our devices and I know there are of many of you out there who could make an impact with your stories, advice and wisdom for those looking into getting the ExoSym device or those who wear it themselves. Maybe you want to share your story or maybe you have style advice or you’ve found a pair of shoes that work for you and you want to pass it on, or maybe you want to share a recent accomplishment you’ve had in your device or offer a piece of wisdom or share how the Hanger Clinic Gig Harbor team has changed your life – that’s great and I would love to hear it as I’m sure others would as well. Let’s continue to pay it forward and help make a difference. ❤

If you’re interested in contributing, please send an email with your draft to: shaver.beth@gmail.com. In addition to what you’d like to say, please make sure to share with me some personal information about yourself, such as your name and how long you’ve had the device, etc. Please also indicate how you would like your name listed as well as a title for your post and pictures, if applicable. As a note, please refrain from discussing personal fundraisers, personal insurance situations, etc as these are not in line with what ExoSymplyAmazing is about. Lastly, please allow time for me to respond to your email – know that your email will be read and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Wishing everyone a year of health, hope, and ExoSymplyAmazing adventures. Count every day as a blessing because you never know what tomorrow will bring. Every day is truly a gift from God. Live grateful and most importantly, keep the faith and never give up.

#beYOU #beAMAZING #ExoSymplyAmazing

XO – Beth


  1. I have a friend who needs the ExoSym but he is an above the knee amputee on his other leg. He is concerned that with the brace he will not be able to balance. Can anyone put me in touch with someone who has the device and who is also an amputee?

    With gratitude, Susan.


    1. hi susan- i think there may be a couple exosym users who are also amputees in the exosym/IDEO Facebook group. to find this group, click on the helpful links toolbar at the top of the page and then click ExoSym/IDEO facebook group and it should take you there. let me know if you have any trouble and i can send you the link via email. ❤


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