This past Saturday, I rode the farthest I’ve ever ridden in my life. 80 miles in one day. It was my last long training ride before the Hotter than Hell 100, which is just twelve days away now! Woo hoo! Six hours on the saddle through two rainstorms, a flat tire, 9.5 water bottles (I get thirsty ☺) and the hills of Austin, would probably cause some people to question my sanity, but to me, I couldn’t have asked for a better day. With sweat dripping down my face, as I climbed hill after hill, hour after hour, I couldn’t help but smile, this is what it means to be alive. This is what it means to redefine what’s possible. ♥ There was a time when riding 10 miles seemed like a feat, then after reaching that goal, I knew I could hit 20, 30, 40, 50..80, and soon 100 (and who knows maybe one day 500!). Hitting 80 miles on Saturday reminded me that we can always do more than we think we can and we can always keep going longer than we think we ever could. These last several weeks I’ve been cranking out some serious weekly mileage prepping for the HH100 and I can feel myself getting stronger with each ride. With every goal reached, my vision of what’s possible gets a little bit bigger.

As some of you may know, two weeks ago, I competed in a team CrossFit competition called the Catalyst Games in ATX. An incredible three day event consisting of six team workouts. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I LOVED every minute of it. ☺ Something about competing just brings out the inner ExoNinja in me. From rowing, to sprinting, to lifting, to jumping… I couldn’t help but point to the sky and thank God for this blessing. As the games came to a close, I thought to myself “Catalyst” — how perfect. That’s exactly what the ExoSym (IDEO) is — a catalyst for change. A catalyst for redefining what’s possible.

So as you go on your way this week, remember one thing, redefining what’s “possible” isn’t just a lofty goal, it’s something you can work on every day. Keep climbing. Keep believing. Keep smiling. Keep redefining. ♥



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