Each and every day is a canvas waiting to be painted.” – Craig Sager

On Wednesday night at the ESPYs, Craig Sager (NBA sportscaster) accepted the Jimmy V Perseverance Award, which is an award given to those in sports who have overcome obstacles with perseverance and determination. Craig has been battling leukemia with a fighting spirit since 2014 and his “never give up” attitude has inspired many across the nation. If you haven’t had a chance to hear his acceptance speech, here is a short clip.

In his speech, Craig talked about living life to the fullest, no matter what your circumstances and to remember that your time is limited. You must LIVE each day despite your challenges. “Time is something that cannot be bought, it cannot be wagered with God, it’s not in endless supply. Time is simply how your live your life. The way you think influences the way you feel, and the way you feel determines how you act.”

Although the magnitude of a cancer diagnosis is an entirely different set of challenges from what many of us face, I think Craig’s message is something we can all take to heart and live out in our own lives. Time is short. Each day is a blank canvas. Every day you have is a day to celebrate and live to the fullest. Why? Because YOU CAN. While injuries, illnesses, and setbacks are something we all hope to avoid in life, it’s in these hardships that we summon an appreciation for life itself — and the attitude of never giving up. ♥

To be given a second chance with the ExoSym hasn’t just given me my life back, it’s changed my entire perspective. I wake up every day ready to paint my canvas (and not just a small one — a really big, colorful one!). I choose to live each day with passion, knowing that time is precious and that every day is truly an ExoSymplyAmazing gift.

So speaking of canvases… below is a quick overview of my canvas from the last couple weeks ☺

Fashion: Yay summer! Time for flowy skirts and colorful dresses. As mentioned on a previous post, I recommend looking for skirts and dresses that hit right above the knee — tends to be a flattering look for the device and your ExoSymplyAmazing leg.


Fitness: Where to start… (my largest part of the canvas) – I’ve been out swimming, running, riding my bike (getting reading for the HH100 on August 27), and of course CrossFit. My best advice is to find something you love and just keep at it! Riding 100K this Sunday… call me crazy or call it ExoSymplyAmazing. ☺ Oh, and my kickball team won the championship last week — woo hoo! #kickingrassandtakingnames


Shoes: Below is a snapshot of the current shoes in my closet. Brooks just released the Glycerin 14, which as you can see in terms of color schemes, looks pretty similar to the 13, but they’ve updated the material and fit. Feels really good. Check em out here! As always, shout out to South Sound Running in Tacoma for allowing us ExoSym patients to purchase in mismatched sizes. Don’t know what I would do without them! #shoelove (13’s are on top row and 14’s are pictured on second row). These colors go really well with outfits! (note: these are the men’s versions, which is what I wear for sizing).


So, my friends, as you go on your way this weekend, take a moment to reflect on what type of canvas you are painting. You are the artist. You decide the strokes. Time is short. There is so much opportunity out there to make a difference in the world and to be the best YOU can be. Use what you’ve been through as fuel. Live grateful. Live strong. Live with passion. Paint big strokes. Never give up. ♥

#beYOU #beAMAZING #ExoSymplyAmazing


  1. Best you have ever written. And the video is amazing. I will watch it over and over again I am sure. Thanks for sharing.


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  2. Love this post!
    I just received my ExoSym 3 days ago, I am in love with it. I literally don’t want to cover it up with pants ever, I wear it with pride!
    Shoes I also just bought my first two pairs at South Shore Running, it took some trial-and-error but I actually have two new pairs of New Balance 860v5. I just can’t believe that I have on two pairs of shoes.
    Painting of my canvas just started!

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