Today, I’d like you to meet Hanger Clinic ExoSym (IDEO) patient, Saydrah, a hiker, climber and all around outdoor enthusiast from Missoula, Montana.  A little over two years ago, while bouldering in a climbing gym in her hometown, Saydrah fell, severely injuring her left ankle – fracturing both the talar and calcaneal bones. Three painful surgeries later, after learning that the cartilage between the bones was damaged, Saydrah was ready to amputate. However, her doctor wanted her to try to the ExoSym first.

Saydrah has had her ExoSym device for about eight months now and says it not only has allowed her to regain control of her life, but it has saved her from suffering from chronic pain – something she didn’t think would be possible without amputation.  Living for the beauty of each sunrise and sunset, Saydrah is back on the trails – hiking and biking nearly every day and not just your up and back loop – Saydrah bikes 620ft of elevation gain near her home, hikes to the top about 1.5 miles up and then rides back home another 3 miles! #amazing While her ankle still does tend to swell at times, she’s found that Swiftwick compression socks really help to keep the inflammation in check. Saydrah also maintains a solid stretching program inclusive of yoga poses which she says helps to keep her body limber.


Saydrah sports New Balance as her favorite shoe brand and Swiftwick for her compression. She recommends other ExoSym patients give yoga a try, saying it’s one of the most important things that has helped her to regain her balance. Having limped around for two years, overcompensating on one side of her body, it’s definitely thrown her alignment out of whack and she credits yoga for helping to restore the equilibrium. #ExoSymYOGI

In the fall, Saydrah plans to return to school to finish her Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Conservation Management – something she says just wouldn’t be possible if weren’t for the ExoSym device. Living by the quote, “Like a flower you must allow yourself to grow in places people thought you never would” – Saydrah is learning to let the light in again. While she admits this injury hasn’t been an easy road, finding the device & ExoSym community has certainly changed things for the better – allowing her to make goals for her life and dream again. If there is one thing that Saydrah could say to Ryan Blanck at the Hanger Clinic it would be to thank him – “Because of you, I get to lead a happier life – whereas once I was controlled by pain, I now have control over my life and it means the world to me.”


An inspiring person who reminds us that through the hardest times in life, when the road hasn’t been easy and the climb continues, always keep your faith and believe for better days. Allow yourself to grow in places you never thought you would.  ♥ #letthelightin



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