Today’s post is about being amazing, aka ExoSymplyAmazing. Being amazing doesn’t necessarily mean you are the fastest runner, that you’ve won a lot of medals or hiked the tallest mountain – being amazing is about being the best version of yourself that YOU can be. It’s about believing in yourself and choosing to see the strength in all that you are. Being amazing is being proud to be you.

Webster’s Dictionary defines amazing as “to fill with wonder.”  Now, this is not to say that I wake up every day with the desire to fill my life with wonder (only on Monday morning’s ☺), but I do wake up every day with the intention to live with incredible passion and determination. For me, the ExoSym device is a second chance at life and the reason I can become all that I can be.  That’s what strapping on the device reminds me – to live each day as a gift — to live #ExoSymplyAmazing.

Believe in all that you are and go after your dreams and goals with everything you have. See the beauty in your strength – see yourself as amazing.  We all have qualities that make us amazing but it’s up to us to believe in them. The next time someone asks you, “What happened to your leg?” “What is that device?” — remember why the ExoSym is amazing (#nobrainer ☺) but remember why you are too.  ♥


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