Happy Monday Everyone! It’s been a little over a week since ExoSym patient Lisa & I competed in the Working Wounded Games (WWG) in North Carolina! The WWG’s is a CrossFit competition hosted by Crossroads Alliance bringing in adaptive athletes from all over the country and world to compete. To say it was AMAZING is an understatement! Not only were we surrounded by an incredible support group of spectators and volunteers, but we met some amazing adaptive athletes who we now call our friends. ☺

For those of you who don’t know, Crossroads Alliance is a non-profit organization that works to build a stronger community for adaptive athletes by helping those with permanent needs participate in life-changing fitness opportunities through education, grants, and competition. One of their main events is the Working Wounded Games which serves to open the door to adaptive athletes in the CrossFit arena. This year was the first year for the WWG’s to be held in North Carolina and Lisa and I were honored to take part in the event. The larger scaled WWG is held each November in DC and we hope to continue our journey there later this year! (Stay tuned!)

Lisa and I competed in the 2-arm Rx division which consisted of seven female athletes. Other divisions competing were: 2-arm Rx male, 2-arm scaled female, 2-arm scaled male, and 1-arm male, and seated wheelchair divisions for male and female. An inspiring, encouraging, and positive group of hardworking athletes who all came together to push themselves to the limits. The competition, hosted at Red Dog CrossFit, began promptly at 8am as we were placed into our heats consisting of four challenging WOD’s (“workouts of the day”) with about a 45min rest between heats. Take a look below – these were no joke! (but when you love working out, you love this kind of stuff  #callmecrazy…☺) Lisa was AMAZING and you could tell how hard she had worked in the last several months to prepare. She is an incredible person (& super strong!) and I am blessed to have met her through the ExoSym community. #ExoSymbuddies4LIFE

Competition WOD’S

As the day came to a close, Lisa ended up placing 4th and I took 2nd – but more than anything we were both so grateful for the ability to compete knowing that this simply wouldn’t have been possible for either of us if it wasn’t for the ExoSym device.  A truly ExoSymplyAmazing day and one that we will not forget. Surrounded by athletes from all walks of life, different injuries and conditions, yet somehow feeling universally the same — understanding each other in a way that only adaptive athletes can. ♥

As I boarded the plane to head back to Texas, I left with a renewed spirit (& sore muscles!) – grateful for the new friendships, grateful for the ability to compete and grateful for my device. Going on three years in the ExoSym device this November, I am reminded that truly anything is possible. Trust the journey. Keep the faith. Keep working hard. And most importantly, never give up. With God, all things are possible.

Lisa & me at the WWG!



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