Happy Fall Everyone! Truly one of the best times of the year! Pumpkin spiced lattes, leggings, scarves and sweaters. In today’s post, we will cover fall style tips, current shoes in my closet (+ tips on purchasing / maintaining your shoes), and some of the latest adventures in my IDEO! ☆

Let’s start with fashion. Now that the weather is getting a little cooler, it’s a perfect time to find yourself some leggings! (black is my go to color!) Two of my favorite places to look are TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack – you can find some great deals there!

Things to look for in leggings: breathability of the fabric (look for moisture wicking materials / avoid 100% cotton), texture (don’t go crazy here because you don’t want the fabric to disrupt the fit of the IDEO), and fit (don’t buy too loose or the fabric will bunch at the ankle and you won’t want that!). For these reasons, I tend to look in the sports section of the store – lots of options there!

A few of my other favorite places to shop are Ann Taylor Loft, Lululemon (when there is a sale!) and Gap Fit. All great places for comfortable fitting & flattering styles for the IDEO bodied woman!

Key piece of advice: If you opt for skinny jeans / leggings, look for a flowy or long shirt / sweater up top. I think tennis shoes and boots looks great with skinny jeans and by adding a less fitted shirt up top, it will accentuate those great legs you have! 🙂

Next: Current shoes in my closet.

Right now, I have three pairs of Brooks Glycerin’s and one pair of Ahnu Montara Boots (which I absolutely LOVE). Brooks just came out with the Glycerin 13 and the updates are great! I was a Brooks wearer long before I was injured and I’m so glad they still fit me with the IDEO! (I have probably worn every version since I first started wearing them in high school!) The 13 has a strong outer fabric – not mesh like other running shoes – which really helps with longevity for the force the IDEO applies to the shoe!

When you are looking for tennis shoes, follow these three rules:

1). Feel the fabric of the shoe with your hand and make sure it has strength. If you buy a shoe that is completely mesh, your IDEO will break through the fabric in no time and you’ll wonder what happened. You want a shoe that has reinforcement built into the fabric, so it’s important to observe the construct of the shoe when you are out looking.

2.) If the IDEO looks like it’s going to poke through the sides of the shoe when you try it on, that is not a good fit. The IDEO will definitely push up against the sides of shoe, but you don’t want it looking like it’s about to bust through when you first put them on. If you keep this tip in mind, this will help to ensure your shoes last longer. For this reason, look for shoes with a wide toe box (my favs: New Balance, Brooks).

3.) Look at the men’s shoes. Men’s shoes are naturally wider than women’s so this helps my IDEO feel better in my shoe. If you’re finding that the IDEO fits too tight in women’s shoes, try on men’s. In the picture above you’ll see a red/black shoe and a blue/silver shoe – these are the actual Brooks Glycerin’s I have in my closet! The great thing about men’s shoes is that their color schemes aren’t as wild/bright as women’s so they go great with outfits 🙂 To give you an idea of sizing of Glycerin’s, I wear a men’s 8 on my good foot and a men’s 10 on my IDEO foot. (If I remember correctly, I think I used to wear a 9.5 in women’s Glycerin’s pre-injury). I can’t say enough good things about Brooks. They aren’t cheap, but man do they feel good! It’s like having the Lexus version of a shoe. Once you put them on, you never go back. I can’t wear anything else now haha. If you have small feet and are struggling to find a small enough men’s size to fit your non-IDEO foot, try on women’s for non-IDEO foot and a men’s version for your IDEO foot. The colors may be a little different, but see how it feels! You never know – it might feel really awesome! 🙂

As for the Ahnu Montara boots – I these boots. They are amazing. These are the only non-tennis shoes that I have found to fit my IDEO and I feel so cute in them. (& they are women’s – yay!). I purchased these @ REI and my life has never been the same! These boots are so comfortable…. I’m saving up money to try out some of their other versions! If you get a chance, definitely check out Ahnu brand online — I love them so much! (Note: I did have to buy two different sizes to fit (non-IDEO is women’s 9 and IDEO size is women’s 11. It’s just the nature of the beast!).

Last piece of advice on shoes: I find that if you rotate your shoes (as in you don’t wear the same ones every day & don’t wear the same pair to work that you workout in) you can make your shoes last A LOT longer! I know it’s expensive to purchase multiple pairs up front, but trust me, it will save you $$ in the long run because you won’t be out buying shoes every 3 months. I also like to glue a thin piece of leather on the inside sole of my shoe (think where the sweet spot is when you land in the IDEO). If you run a lot, this helps to reinforce the sole which is where I tend to break through the shoe after an extended period of time. Not sure it’s necessary for you to glue in leather at the bottom if you are not out running like a wild banshee like me haha, but if you are finding places where your shoe rips or breaks through, try duct taping (duct tape comes in a lot of fun colors now) or gluing leather in the shoe to reinforce it from the beginning. It’s the small things 🙂

Oh and one last thing, Brooks has a cool SHOE FINDER tool on their site to help you decide which version of their shoe will fit you best. Check it out – it’s pretty handy! I have a neutral foot so Glycerin works for me, but if you pronate / supinate – they have versions for that too!

Next: IDEO adventures 🙂

I’ve been in Austin a little over a month now and it’s been GREAT! Such a cool city with a great fitness community. I’ve been riding my bike, kayaking on Lady Bird Lake, running through downtown & doing a little day hiking! I started Crossfit a little over a week ago and I love it. It’s something I’ve been wanting to try for awhile now so I’m finally taking the plunge! After the half-marathon, I’ve been trying to decide ‘what’s next?” and I think Crossfit is that for me! I’m excited to really focus on my core and strength training. (#jaredwouldbeproud). I also joined an intramural dodgeball team – games start next week so more to come on that! I’ve been drafted as a free agent so we’ll see what team I get on haha. #IDEOtakesonDODGEBALL

Kayaking through Austin 🙂

Lastly, can I just say “What a small world?” I was at a dog event yesterday and as I was walking through the booths, a man came up to me and asked if I could come talk to his wife because he thought we had the same device. I of course immediately thought he was confused (as I never see anyone in Texas with the IDEO) but I decided to go anyway 🙂 I couldn’t believe it when I realized she really did have an IDEO! We immediately hugged and I’m pretty sure my first words were, “Wait, do you know Ryan?” I’m so happy I met Lisa! Such a cool day. Very special! #IDEObuddies #heyyoulooklikeme

IDEOnista Lisa

I hope everyone has a great week! Go out there and BE BOLD. BE BRAVE. BE YOU.

And remember, as Ralph Lauren says: Fashion is something that comes from within you.” 


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