Today’s post is about a very special ExoSymnista named Liz. Though young in years, she is wise at heart and it was a privilege to interview her. ♥ I am so happy to share with you a little more about this amazing girl as well as share her insight and advice. We all know high school can be a hard time, especially when you have something that makes you feel different, but Liz has come to see that being confident in who you are and recognizing your uniqueness is what makes you, YOU. Read on to learn more about this awesome girl!

Time in ExoSym? Almost 4 months (even though it feels much longer!)

Number of ExoSyms: 2; One for each leg

Clothing style: Comfortable – shorts, leggings, and my favorite of all, workout pants!

ExoSymnista Style: I like to make my outfits work based on how they feel. If the ExoSym feels better under my pants or over, it just depends. I try not to base my outfit on the ExoSym devices because it shouldn’t matter if I’m wearing them or not. I’m still the same person with or without them on – I don’t need to hide anything from anyone. (That’s the spirit!)

Favorite Shoe Brand: I haven’t tried too many pairs of shoes with the ExoSym. With how I was born and all of the surgeries I’ve had, my feet are naturally very wide by themselves. The extra width on the ExoSym makes finding shoes a bit more difficult, but not impossible. My favorite pair of shoes would have to be my Men’s Nike Air Monarch’s. They are extremely comfortable and black matches just about everything. (Once you go black, you never go back. I love my black shoes too!) 🙂

Advice for other ExoSymnista’s: The best advice I could give to anyone looking into this or who has the device is not to let other people’s opinions bother you. When I first got my ExoSyms in Gig Harbor, I was confident as can be, but once I got home I was nervous because no one else was like me. No one had even heard of the devices, so it made me feel very insecure until I realized that the quality of life is much more important than anyone’s opinion of you. (SO TRUE.)

What makes you feel confident in the ExoSym: The support pages on Facebook help a lot because you see people going through the same life changing experiences as you are and it’s amazing to see everyone’s unique journey with their ExoSym. In addition to the Facebook pages, I think one of the things that gives me the most confidence is the fact that I can do things I couldn’t do before — and I can do certain things better than I ever could before I received the ExoSyms.

Proudest Moment in ExoSym so far: My best memory in the ExoSym so far would be just running itself. I used to not be able to run without pain and now with the ExoSym & help of Ryan & Jared, I can run without pain. Of course with running there is still a lot that I need to do in order to run longer distances, but it’s just an amazing feeling to be able to run at a speed I have never been able to reach before without any pain. (That’s so amazing!)

Special Goals for 2015: I hope to continue to train my body to get stronger throughout the year and carry that into the new year. I also hope that I can help anyone who is unsure about getting the ExoSym device or anyone who has them and is feeling stuck or insecure. I just want everyone to be able to experience this amazing feeling.

ExoSym Life Changes: The ExoSym has changed my life in many ways. It has given me opportunities I never thought I would have. I am able to go to amusement parks without renting a wheelchair or needing to sit down constantly. It’s made my life so much more enjoyable. I can never thank Ryan enough. (ExoSym + Ryan = life changing)

Favorite Quote: “Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagined yourself to be.” – Alan Watts

What Liz wants you to know: Clubfoot has caused me to become very depressed (along with the ups and downs of high school) and embarrassed to be myself. As the years have passed and the ExoSym has come into my life, I’ve realized that the past is something to progress from. Everyday you wakeup is a new chance to do better and be better.

What an amazing attitude. As Liz reminds us, “Everyday you wakeup is a new chance to do better and be better.” I have no doubt Liz will continue to achieve great things and inspire many people along the way! She is proof that believing in yourself and having confidence in who you are as a person is the first step in moving forward to become the person you were always meant to be.  Thanks Liz, you rock!

#ExoSymnista #beYOU #beAMAZING

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