Most of us can say we spent weeks, months, or even years wondering if there was some type of technology or possibility out there to help with our injury & pain…. lo and behold, the IDEO! Today’s post is about reminding you just how lucky we are to have it. There are many benefits of the IDEO, but here are 5 of my favorite!

1. You get to run, hike, and bike again! 

Giving people back their ability to be active is possibly one of the greatest benefits of the IDEO. Every time I enter a race, I look down at my device and am reminded of what a gift it truly is. #nolongeronthesidelines

2. You feel more confident than EVER that your life will not continue on in pain.

Before the IDEO, I had to face the fact that I may have to live in chronic pain. Nearly two years into the IDEO, I feel confident that pain does not control my life anymore. #byebyepainpills

3. You believe in the power of your dreams. #ICANDOTHIS!

During the hardest times with my injury, I remember thinking that I didn’t know if I could really set goals for my life anymore. (Pain will do that to you!) Now with the IDEO, I almost have to curb my enthusiasm! I’ve been able to move cities, hike mountains, go on dates again, run adventure races, and train for a half-marathon (only six weeks away now!)! Life is back and dreams are important 🙂 #HOLLA

4. You have the ability to make an impact on others.

You have the power to show people what it means to never give up. There have been times in races where someone will come up behind me and say, “You are an inspiration. Thank you.” Recognize the power you have to make a difference in the world. When people see you giving your best and smiling despite the odds, they begin to see things differently in themselves too. #makeadifference

5. You embrace life with everything it has to offer.

If I could sum up how the IDEO has changed my life in one word it would be: LIFE-GIVING. (okay, two words haha!). The dictionary defines the word ‘life-giving’ as: revitalizing life & that’s exactly what the IDEO has done for me! The IDEO gave me back my life and I haven’t stopped embracing it since. #theCATALYST

BONUS: The IDEO can hold your coffee for you! #itsthelittlethings 🙂

be YOU. be AMAZING. IDEOnista.


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