Today’s post is about a special IDEOnista friend of mine named Dominique.

Dominique wears two IDEOs (one for each leg) and let me tell you… she rocks it! She is an amazing woman and I know her words will inspire you. (She certainly inspires me!)

“You are never fully dressed without a smile.”

How long have you had the IDEO?: Two weeks 🙂

What is your clothing style?: Mostly preppy with statement jewelry

Favorite outfit to wear with the IDEO: Dresses! (Love it. Show off those legs, girl!)

Advice for people who are thinking about getting the IDEO: It can’t hurt to look into it! The process started with reaching out to Ryan to see if I would be a good candidate. I learned that Ryan really only says you are a good candidate if he thinks there will be a huge impact on your life, so that is a great sign if he says yes! That process is easy, and worth the initial effort even if you are not sure.

Advice for other IDEOnista’s: The device can be daunting at first. I know it isn’t feminine, but I love how hardcore it looks. Rocking that with your feminine self is such an awesome combination. It defies stereotypes, and I am all about that! (LOVE THIS) I have worn AFOs my whole life. Of course people would stare. They think you can’t see them staring, but you can. The IDEO has completely changed HOW people stare. Instead of looking at me like I’m sick and feeling sorry for me, they look with curiosity and assume I have some awesome story for why I have these carbon fiber devices. People have been much more likely to ask me about it, and engage in conversation over just assuming I am sick. It may sound strange, but I noticed that right away. It’s a huge blessing to not feel like people are constantly pitying me!

Dominique’s #happyIDEOs

How do you dress up the IDEO?: Dresses and wedges 🙂

Favorite shoe brand to wear with the IDEO: Payless Dexflex Comfort Wedges. I’ve never worn any type of heel! Since Ryan placed a wedge in my sneakers, this allows me to just wear the shoes without a wedge since they are the perfect height! I now own all three colors they sell 😀 Plus they are relatively inexpensive, which is great because I am sure I will be replacing them often. (SO CUTE. Some of you may be able to make this work! I think it will just depend on your unique situation and how the IDEO is designed for your injury.)

What is your proudest moment in the IDEO so far?: Throwing away my AFOs at the Hanger Clinic. I still am not as mobile as I would like with the IDEO (it has only been two weeks), but throwing away my AFOs was an outward way of expressing my dedication to getting the most out of my IDEO. I can’t go back!

Any special goals for 2015?: I would love to walk without a limp by September! Then I will focus on more high impact exercising. (You go girl!)

Favorite Quote: Let your smile change the world, but don’t let the world change your smile.

What’s one thing you wish people knew about you? I believe with my whole heart that God did not make my legs as a mistake. The IDEO is not something to “fix” me, but enable me to experience more out of life. I also believe that the IDEO was placed in my life for a reason. I can’t wait to see where this path leads me! (What an amazing attitude!)

Dominique’s Wisdom: My mantra is PMA. It’s something my dad would always say. It stands for “Positive Mental Attitude”. That keeps me going on the tough days.

IDEOnista Fabulous!

Wow! Now you see why this girl inspires me so much! I love Dominique’s style, but more than that I love her attitude. To me, she fully embodies what an IDEOnista is: a woman who wears the IDEO with strength and confidence, knowing there is beauty in all that she has overcome.

If you are someone who wears an IDEO on both legs, this girl is proof for you that you can make fashion work! So take heart my friends and embrace your feminine + hardcore image and step forward knowing that you are beautiful!

Thank you, Dominique. You are an inspiration to us all!


UPDATE 2017:

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