Today, I would like to share with you a post about a wonderful woman I have come to know in the IDEO community by the name of Iana. She is an amazing lady that I hope to meet in person one day! Read her IDEO advice, clothing style, and inspiration below.

Name: Iana

When did you get your IDEO?: June 2014

What is your clothing style: I work with horses, so my clothing style is breeches, long sleeved shirts (sun protection), dirt, shavings, horse hair and boots / hiking shoes 🙂 … and when I am not with horses, I wear skirts and dresses. I like being a girly girl when not in breeches.

What have you found to be the outfit you feel best in the IDEO?: Favorite outfit would probably be a maxi dress or skirt, something flowy, gypsy and fun!

Favorite shoe brand to wear with the IDEO: I found a boot called NuTec, for men. They are known as “packers”. I also recently tried a pair of Ariat paddock boots and they also fit well. I must buy two pairs since my feet are pretty small in general. I have an unusual angle to my ankle and Ryan Blanck had to fit my IDEO to it… I have to walk in heels…. yup… heels… wedges are the best so in boots I have to put in an insert. I have also found a couple of sandals at The Walking Store that are wide enough to fit the IDEO. I have even found a couple transvestite shoe stores that offer high heels in men’s sizes… (I didn’t think about that Iana!)

Advice for other IDEOnista’s: Don’t make limits. Just go out there and try it on… whatever it is… life is fully of daily miracles, we just have to see them and be thankful.

What has been your proudest moment in the IDEO so far?: Gosh, it’s hard to say which is my proudest moment… I think everyday, every moment is just amazing. Just knowing I can walk and not have pain is a miracle all the time.

What are your goals for 2015?: Now that I can move more, my goal is to lose 70lbs and to become super fit again.

What’s your favorite quote?: My dad used to say, “Give time to time.”

In Iana’s words: “Be happy, be thankful and keep going forward.” ☺


  1. Hi Tayla! I can only wear tennis shoes / hiking boots with my IDEO. I believe Iana has a special condition that makes her need to wear shoes that are angled… so I think it will just depend on your injury 😉 For the general population of IDEO wearers, I don't think heels or wedges are in the cards… but that doesn't mean you can't still look cute in tennis shoes or hiking boots!


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