“Don’t ever limit yourself on what you think you can do or what someone else thinks you’re capable of achieving. Also, if you feel the need to tell me what you think I cannot do, I will use every effort to prove you wrong. So be warned. I don’t give up easily.” – Me

I posted this quote and picture on my Facebook the other day in reference to a comment a fellow racer made to me before the 10k race, advising me to move to the back with the slower paced runners. I passed her in the race and beat her in the end. Friends, you may experience comments such as these when you are out there competing or just living life, but the trick is not to let it bother you. Instead, let the words fuel your passion. A passion that we all have because of the comeback we have made. The IDEO knows no limits.

Tell me I can’t do something and I will prove you wrong.
GE Irving Marathon 10K
Of course, it wouldn’t be a full post without a couple pictures from my IDEOnista wardrobe from this past week. ☺ As I’ve mentioned before, the IDEO looks great with dresses! Take a quick look below. Spring is a great time to wear flowy skirts and dresses!

Tip: Black tennis shoes are definitely a staple  to have when dressing up any of your fancy outfits.

Also, my IDEOnista friend Lisa told me about some cool work shoes she bought recently that she was able to fit in her IDEO. Check these out! They are Clarks: Feature Show.

Lisa’s shoes… Clarks: Feature Show

Have a great week! ♥

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