Hope everyone is off to a fantastic year!

Today I want to show you just how easy it is to make your IDEO blend in with your favorite jeans. As I mentioned in an earlier post, wintertime is one of my most favorite seasons because I can layer up and wear darker colors to blend in my IDEO. As you’ll see in the images below, I am wearing skinny jeans. I truly believe as a woman, if you are going to wear tennis shoes with jeans, skinny jeans are the way to go. In fact, even non-IDEO people are wearing skinny jeans with tennis shoes – the style is real my friends 🙂
Skinny jeans with the IDEO… best kept secrets:

  • Find a solid dark wash jean. This color can be dressed up and is great for work or going out with friends.
  • To help the IDEO blend in, pull your skinny jean under your knee cuff and over the slats at the bottom (see last picture at bottom for close-up) Put pants on first, then the IDEO on over and pull the bottom of the pant leg over the outer side slats to cover them.
  • Find jeans that are not too thick… you definitely don’t want your jean material to be so thick that it makes wearing your IDEO too tight (this is not fun). Make sure to try your jeans on with your IDEO before purchasing to see how it feels.
  • Try to match your shoes with your outfits / pants (as best you can!) I’ve found having neutral colored shoes – black, dark grey, tan, and light grey make for great options!
  • Experiment with different colors of pants – this will help you feel like you have more options when it comes to making outfits. Currently, I only have regular denim, black, navy and grey jeans but I’m hoping to find some new colors to add to my wardrobe – maybe maroon!
  • Don’t cross your legs all day… this may sound odd but I was used to crossing one leg over the other when I was sitting at my desk. Interesting enough, I found over the last year that I was making a tiny hole in my jeans from where the IDEO was resting on my other leg when my legs were crossed at my desk. Even the color of the jean was fading from where the IDEO had rested on my opposite leg. Recognizing this, I made a conscious effort to frequently change up how I cross my legs when I am sitting for long periods of time. The way I look at it is it’s a small price to pay for the benefit of living pain free! You may not experience this problem but just wanted to point it out in case you are a leg crosser like me 🙂
  • If you are wearing dark pants and you have dark tennis shoes, wear dark socks with your IDEO. Do not wear white. This will make you feel more stylish – I promise!
  • Unless the pant legs of your skinny jeans are pretty loose, put your compression sock for your IDEO on first and then put your pants on. Trust me on this haha.
  • I haven’t typically needed to wear the knee sleeve if I’m wearing skinny jeans because the jean material is enough to act as a buffer between the IDEO and my knee. See what you like though!

Skinny Jean Winter IDEO wardrobe ideas below. (Click on image to enlarge pictures)

Where is the IDEO, I don’t even see it?? 🙂


Remember: You are beautiful no matter what outfit you have on, I’m just here to show you what’s worked for me and to inspire you to find ways to feel fabulous again! Most importantly, wear the IDEO with confidence knowing there is beauty in your strength. After all, that’s what an IDEOnista is. And smile – you’re pretty amazing!

Until next time my friends.

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