I know you’re thinking “Who uses a shoehorn?” I thought the same thing for a long time until my mom gave me one for Christmas this past year and I don’t know how I went this long in my IDEO without it. Maybe it’s stubbornness or possibly the idea of associating a shoehorn with something my grandfather would have used, but trust me using a shoehorn can help make your IDEO side shoe last longer and help you get your IDEO into tighter fitting shoes. (I should listen to Ryan’s advice more often!)

From here on I will now be referring to a shoehorn as a shoespoon, because (a) it’s a better description of what the tool does (acts like a spoon!) and (b) it’s more fun (and I’m all about fun)! Below are instructions for how to use the shoespoon to help slide your IDEO into your shoe. Note: You don’t have to use a shoespoon every single time you put your shoes on. I can’t honestly say that I always use it, but I have started to with my new shoes and it’s allowed them to keep their shape and not stretch out.

Step 1 – Hold shoespoon in your hand and get your shoe in front of you. 

Step 2 –  Place shoespoon in shoe with the angle of the spoon facing down like a rainbow 🙂

Step 3 With your IDEO on, start sliding your IDEO into your shoe – using the shoespoon to help guide you in the back.

Step 4 – Your IDEO should begin to slide in smoothly. Shoespoon = your friend.

Step 5 – Once your IDEO has slid in completely, your shoespoon will be up in the back. It has done it’s job.


Step 6 – SUCCESS. IDEO is in and shoe has maintained shape. Rock on IDEOnista.

This concludes my IDEO wisdom on shoespoons. Stay fabulous my friends 😉

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