With the holiday season upon us, many of us will be traveling through the airport this Christmas. To that point, I’d like to offer up my airport wisdom and advice as you go through security wearing your IDEO.

1.) Know that you do NOT have to remove your IDEO to go through the security scanner (unless you want to). When the security personnel ask you remove your shoes, wallets, watches, etc. – do not remove your shoes or take off your IDEO. Explain to the TSA that you need the brace to walk and therefore you will not be removing it or your shoes because you need those too. (it’s the truth – can’t walk very well without the heel wedge under the IDEO in your shoe!) To that point, if you are given a hard time about it (which occurs rarely on occasion) I recommend politely telling the TSA personnel that the IDEO is like a prosthetic so if they insist you remove it, you will not be able to walk. They can usually understand that.

2.) I prefer to wear a skirt, shorts, tights, or skinny jeans (w/ IDEO on top) when I go to the airport so that the TSA personnel can clearly see the IDEO as I’m approaching the security line – this way they can get a good look at the IDEO and realize that I will likely not be taking it off. The times that I have worn jeans or wind pants over my IDEO (where you can’t see the IDEO), I’ve had to pull up my jeans to show them the IDEO and it takes a little more time to explain why I’m not removing it or taking my shoes off. Again, these are just tips I’ve found helpful – however, feel free to do whatever works best for you!

3.) Lastly, I’d recommend if at all possible trying to secure an aisle or window seat. This way you will have more room for the IDEO when you are sitting. If you’re going to be traveling on a long flight, I’d recommend loosening the straps a bit too, (especially the knee cuff) so that your leg doesn’t get stiff from being in the same position. If you’re able to get up and walk down the aisle every now and then that helps too.

Well, that’s all my airport wisdom for today. Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!
Don’t let the TSA intimidate you – you’re an IDEOnista!



  1. Hey dear Beth, as you can see, I’m still busy reading your blog and finding good advice ;-). I love your tips for traveling through the airport, a long time ago I searched on internet but was surprised to find (almost) no information on traveling with a device (IDEO, AFO, ASO…). so thanks for sharing those useful tips :-). Cheers, Nicky

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