Happy Monday!

Today I want to share a fun way to wear fancy leggings with your IDEO and your favorite dress. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, pairing leggings (especially black) with your IDEO can help to tie your outfit together because it bridges what the eye sees at first glance.

I don’t always wear my pink sock, but when I do I like to make it pop. So I added a pink waist belt to match. I also love these neutral colored New Balance MT 1210’s – they go with almost anything I have in my closet. Tip: If you’re wearing black, I’d recommend wearing a black ankle sock on your non-IDEO foot to (a) make it invisible and (b) make you feel less like you are about to go workout in your running shoes (although the great part about wearing running shoes 24/7 is that you’re always ready to go for a run!). There are a lot of good socks out there for your non-IDEO foot but since you’re wearing socks all day, I’d suggest look for a non-cotton, high performance make so that your foot doesn’t sweat. Some of my favorite ankle socks for my non-IDEO foot are Feetures and Brooks.

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft | Belt: Target
Leggings: Target | Compression Sock: CEP

 Have a great day and always remember to put your best foot forward! (aka your IDEO)


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