Step 1 – Walk with confidence. You are amazing so don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise.

Step 2 – Wear it like you own it. Whether you like it or not, the IDEO is a part of you. Be confident in your ability to take on the world. With the IDEO, anything is possible.

Step 3  – Never forget what it took to get the IDEO or what you had to go through in your struggle with your injury. Regardless of your story, you persevered. Let that fire within you be the fuel that ignites your passion for life. Dream big. Never give up.

Step 4  – Smile. You’re a rockstar. Now, act like it.
Pants: black skinny jeans (these fit really well under the IDEO knee cuff and over the bars at the bottom.
SockBlack Swiftwick sock & Zensah knee sleeve (sometimes with my skinny jeans, I don’t even need the knee sleeve)
Shoes: Men’s NB MT 1210s – love this color pattern, they go with a lot!
Top: Sweater with black leather jacket (because every girl needs a black leather jacket) 😉
A different outfit but this is a close-up of how I wear my skinny jeans with the IDEO. My compression sock goes under the pants. I put the pants on first, then pull the IDEO on and slide the end of the pants over the top at the bottom. You may have differing opinions, but I refuse to wear regular jeans over my IDEO with tennis shoes. It’s just not my look 🙂
Next up: How to wear the IDEO with a skirt.


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